Montrose Technologies Updates Montrose Inspection Software

(Ottawa, ON) September, 2020 Montrose Technologies has updated it’s Montrose Inspection Software which provides complete control, analysis and reporting for its offering of at-line, in-line and over-line vision inspection systems. The update further ensures systems continue to be easily integrated into Industry 4.0 manufacturing processes.

The software provides fast, accurate information to help producers make money-saving decisions on product quality, wastage and production rates.

Features include:

  • All systems ship with Windows 10 64-bit architecture which has modern connectivity options and continuously updates as new features appear.
  • Updated operator interface with intuitive touchscreen driven menus.
  • Customizable data display formats, allowing for measurement, graphing, and location choices on the main user view.
  • Easy setup of measurements of new products.
  • Updated product detection algorithm, refined in the Montrose Application Lab, to ensure accurate and fast results.
  • Advanced features to separate products that are touching.
  • Reporting features within the Montrose Inspection Software.

Montrose Technologies is a leading supplier of automated vision inspection, rejection and intelligent material handling systems. Its proprietary 2D/3D color imaging engine provides accurate size, shape and color information for fast moving objects in any orientation. With over 250 systems installed worldwide our customer list includes many of the biggest names in the food industry.